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  • How to Set New Year Resolutions for Success

    Here are the best ways to frame your New Year resolutions to set you on course for a truly successful 2021…

    I have learnt a great deal from some of the most creative people in the world. Here are some of the key things to remember when setting your intentions for the year ahead.

    Keep your statements positive, such as ‘I will do exercise’ rather than ‘I will give up chocolate’.

    Make your resolutions manageable and not overwhelmingly difficult. Choose new ones that are different to those you tried before – mix it up.

    Record your successes somewhere you will see them and keep ticking them off as you achieve them. Keep a daily or weekly list of successes.

    Buddy with someone to keep your resolutions so you are accountable to a friend. Make a list together and then you can help them by holding them accountable for their list too.

    Tell others what you are planning to do and ask them to support you. Get your family and your partner to support and encourage you.

    Get the tools that you need, such as supplements, blender and plan ahead to help you succeed.

    Turn off the news and do something else to reduce feeling fear and anxiety about the things that are going on out there. For example, do a hobby you enjoy, exercise or go for a nature walk.

    Write down the benefits of achieving your New Year Resolutions and why you want to do these things.

    Get help to pull off your resolutions. Avoid places that will trigger you the wrong way; for example, if you’re trying to give up smoking or drinking, avoid people that you usually smoke and drink with.

    Make a time frame for how long you will do it. Habits get formed in around 21 days of making them routine. If you do something repeatedly for around this number of days, it forms a new habit. If you stumble, dust yourself down and get back to it.  Don’t let a wobble stop you from keeping on with your goals.

    Small new steps you make can change your whole life. Go small and go step-by-step, keep up your new routine and keep measuring your successes.

    You can find out more of my tips to developing powerful habits that will help you keep your resolutions, in my new book, The Art of Creativity. 

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