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  • Hemsley smoothie: makes you go ‘ooh’

    The Hemsley’s have agreed to share their green smoothie recipe here. Try it!

  • Good news

    I hosted a panel at a media conference on ‘Why we need positive news’, held at Sadlers Well’s theatre, London.

  • Wilderness Festival, Oxfordshire

    Talking about happiness in the Big Tent at Wilderness Festival and diving into a deep state of guided bliss.

  • Kisses trending – National Kissing Day

    Everyone loves a kiss, don’t they? When someone leans over and plants a big kiss on us, don’t we just smile inside?

  • Happy Birthday to Paul McCartney

    Congratulations to Paul McCartney on reaching 70.

  • Uplifting food from H&H

    My friends at Hemsley & Hemsley have just launched a blog showcasing their unique food approach in Vogue.

  • Happiness is growing

    The Economist writes this week about happiness being one of the more surprising growth industries of the current time.

  • Love and appreciation

    To give love, feel love, give appreciation, feel appreciated – all these have the power to transform our life.

  • Laughing makes you young…

    ‘What is it about laughing that make us feel so much better?’

  • We’re getting happier…

    Official research out today shows we are living happier these days despite the fact that things around us are more difficult for many people.

  • ‘Get real’ they told me…

    I did a BBC interview with Steve Wright for Radio 2 on happiness and tips on how to run your mind.

  • Exercise out of the gym and into nature

    A new form of physical fitness which involves dumping the gym and using intuitive forms of exercise outdoors.

  • Instructions for happiness…

    A book to help you find happiness and success using your inner mind power.