Susie has been working one to one with people for two decades. She has been trained in many modalities of coaching and personal transformation including NLP, theta healing, general coaching, hypnosis.

It would be a pleasure to talk to you further if you are interested in exploring coaching with me to see if the fit is right.

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In our first conversation she stopped me and asked me why I was raising my eyebrows when I was talking about something sensitive to me – I’ll never forget it – and I had been hiding away all the hurt and pain that had happened over the last 12 years – she allowed me to talk about it honestly and get it out.

I was introduced to Susie when I was wanting to write a book and she was suggested as a great person to help me.

Susie has helped me to come to terms with all sorts of things, the loss of a family member, understanding why I react to certain situations, helped me build boundaries that were nonexistent, and has helped me grow as a person so I could look after my family and create a legacy.

She really was a guardian angel sent to me just at the right time and I wouldn’t be without my Susie sessions now – she is part of my life 🙂 

While helping me out personally with all sorts of blockages, Susie has helped me grow my business, in unexpected ways. I had to make changes in my thoughts and my life, I had to have the belief that I could do what I wanted to do, and Susie has helped me with techniques that I have added into my daily routines. I now know that what I’m doing what I am meant to do. Her sessions are intuitive, she knows what I need help with, she has a way of noticing things and picking up on things that need to come out and I will be forever grateful to this wonderful lady for helping me become a much stronger person, who now has appropriate boundaries and knows exactly what she wants and how to get there.

Bonny Snowdon, award winning coloured pencil artist, tutor and coach