Coaching for corporate clients

Susie offers coaching support. She has extensive experience running companies, developing brands and teams and brings over 20 years experience working with leading brands of the world. Susie has been coaching clients for over 20 years working solely through word of mouth recommendations and onward referrals.

Susie has many years experience running companies at board and CEO level. She has been responsible for culture building, strategic development and initiating new products and services for companies across the world.

Experience working with company teams from Apple, Sony, MTV, YouTube, Adidas, Reebok, British Airways and smaller companies and media owners. For example, working with Hemsley and Hemsley and Jasmine Hemsley coaching their business strategy from kitchen table start up through to international TV shows, cafes, a Selfridges department store concession and an international book collection.

Training as a professional psychologist and working in personal development modalities including NLP, theta healing and advanced DNA theta work. Susie was trained directly by the creator of NLP, Dr Richard Bandler, who also trained Tony Robbins as a top flight performance coach. She ran Dr Bandler´s training company as Managing Director. The company specialises in teaching thousands of people from all over the world in advanced personal development techniques.

This work can help on the corporate level with:

  • Increasing wellness, wellbeing, clarity and health in the workplace
  • Developing strategies for success and transformation personally in business
  • Navigating change positively and effectively
  • Developing positive and healthy communication practices amongst teams and organisations
  • Goal setting and peak performance development
  • Increasing creativity and creative thinking at work
  • Growth planning and change management
  • Developing presentations and impactful writing skills at work
  • Coaching on persuasion and creating positive values for a happy and successful workplace

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