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Join me on Patreon to get coached by me. For the price of a coffee each month, you will get exclusive content of my best work on creativity, inspiring themes and coaching to live your best life. The calls work to boost your life and bring in more harmony, happiness and balance.

Live on-line coaching calls – on Patreon

Welcome to a series of coaching calls with me to ease you gently into the new season ahead.  Its been a tough few months for many and we could all do with some new ideas and new energy alignment to go forwards with some clarity and strength.

These calls are designed to get you inspired to take some action to design the life you want. They will help you get out of brain fog and into getting more clarity to get your best way forward.

Wherever you are right now, there is always room to take on new ideas, new routines and make some positive changes to live your best life.

There will be a focus on wellness, meditation, life design, nutrition, tips for healthy routines and increasing happiness and success.

Join me to get engaged with new ideas and be part of the conversation to make some inroads and scope up into your new future self. 

In these calls you will have an opportunity to learn essential tools and techniques to improve life, get you in the flow, restore balance and harmony using ancient and modern techniques.

Join me on my creativity channel on Patreon. For the price of a coffee every month (£4 per month) , you can get a stack load of ways to enhance your life. Join me there and come on our calls. I think you will love it.

Each session is 45 minutes on with interactive q&a’s on each call.

Good coaching will excite you, motivate you, engage you to clear blocks, improve your life, get happier feelings, empower you and change your energy and vibration. It is powerful. Get involved.

I have made it easily accessible and all on one channel because I want everyone to be able to access this life changing information.

See you there.

Let’s have some fun.

Susie xx

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