I am a speaker on wellness, writing, consciousness, creativity, happiness, creating success and NDEs. I have authored books to support all of these topics. I love exploring these worlds in front of audiences and host entertaining talks where I share unique stories, personal stories from my life, tools and techniques for change and transformation for individuals and teams. I help people to get clear on their goals, expand their vision and get inspired and empowered to create powerful and positive changes. I get you equipped to go exactly where you want to go in life. My talks are easy-going, interactive and fun.

I use techniques I have collected from over 20 years working in this area. I trained directly with the creator of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Dr Richard Bandler, and reached the highest Master level of NLP trainings. I was MD of Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna´s NLP personal development training company.

I was taught personally by the creator of Theta Healing, Vianna Stibal. I have done all courses available for this system of healing and changing belief systems. I was set up for Vianna to get a publishing deal for her books with Hay House Publishing. She was really grateful for my help in getting her books out to the world and gave me some extra special downloads and programmes and took care of me.

I have trained in techniques that work at deep energetic levels and increase conscious positive manifestation. I have been a practicing coach for 15 years working with individuals and companies, helping people get motivated, set goals, improve relationships and clear blocks in systems and team interactions.

If you would like to arrange or discuss bespoke speaking slots or coaching plans for groups or a company, please drop me an email. We can discuss the details of what you would like to achieve, resolve, create or change.

I work with groups and teams from companies from Sony, Apple, YouTube, HuffPost and MTV to smaller start ups and everything in between. Helping people expand their perspectives and overcome blocks. I work with creative industries, business leaders, writing professionals, film makers, musicians, artists, young and old.

Please get in touch if you would like more information.