Habit 3 – Learn how to meditate and breathe well and find the fastest way to transform your life into easy and calm

Meditation is one of the most important skills I have ever learned.

When I was having a meltdown in my life, a good friend recommended to me to learn TM meditation. I signed up for the next available course and this single practice changed my life and I have been a meditator for over 15 years. 

I go through the benefits and different styles of meditation in this chapter and recommend a simple meditation technique if you are new to this practice.  

Breathing is the essence of good life and good health, yet many of us have not learnt how to breathe properly and often experience shallow breathing which can lead the body into undue stress. Good breathing techniques help with health and release the stresses of everyday life. 

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There is a section called how to meditate and some great tips on how to become a regular meditator and how this will help you profoundly in daily life.

The section on mastering the art of breathing is a must read for anyone who wants to decompress and feel calmer.

Mastering meditation and breathing will change your life and lead you into new roads for peace, tranquillity and success.


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