Habit 4 – Boosting your brainwave states and mind-mapping

One of the secrets to help us with any task is by understanding the potential of the different brainwave states we go into through the day.

We dip in and out of different brainwave states during the day. Each brainwave frequency has its own benefits. The delta state is the slow state that we experience during deep meditation. Theta brainwave is the best state for learning, memory and intuition. Beta is fast and means we are focused and engaged – great for decision making. This section of the book gives an overview of brain states and explains how to use the best kind of brainwaves for whatever activity we are engaged with. 

States are affected by things such as mood, nutrition, meditation and daydreaming. There is a great exercise in here giving the best ways to get the most of daydreaming and how to use it to powerful creative effect.

In this chapter, there is a section on building powerful resource states. How to use emotions such as excitement, curiosity, passion and clarity to make you more creative and more imaginative. The chapter explains the neuroplasticity nature of the brain and how this relates to helping your creativity. 

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One of the most powerful tools I use in everyday life for work and non-work projects is mind mapping. It’s a great way to get ideas down, link ideas and see the big picture of a project. If I am writing a new book for example, I will always start with a mind map to get clear on the direction and the shape of the whole project. In this part of the book, there are tips for producing a great mind map and a rundown on the rules for using them to get the most out of your mapping process. It’s easy and powerful and not many people know how to do this.


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