Reset the world. We are having a revolution.

We are heading through a revolution. The world is changing fast. We are making profound changes to all part of life in life after the 20 pandemic.

The world is going through a reset.  A cultural revolution of lifestyle.  Things are changing fast and will never be the same.  What do we learn from it all? It is time for a global lifestyle revolution and it feels like it is already happening.

History shows us a pattern that happens after crisis times and pandemics. What usually happens is attitudes and lifestyles change as people realise how good things were before the thing happened. We are witnessing a massive revolution at work post quarantine and in covid times 2021.

History shows massive change after serious crisis and pandemics

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There were two very serious pandemics to hit in the last decade.  There was a wave of Spanish flu in 1918 which took its toll. Then the roaring twenties followed with dancing, romance and a full-on fashion explosion.  After the asian flu epidemic in 1957, we had the swinging sixties kicking in directly after this with a revolution of colour, style and embracing freedom.  

History shows that after a pandemic there is a brief economic crisis followed by a decade of consumer boom with an explosion of new creativity with a flourishing art, music and new fashion scene. When you try to put humans down and contain them, they usually rise up and start finding new ways of enjoying themselves and get back to dancing again.  Somehow we become more grateful and appreciative of the simple things like food, health and family. 

It is possible to suppress people and hold them down at times of trouble but as soon as they are allowed to let go, then there is a backlash and people let loose.  They want to make up  for time spent in fear and confinement. People want to get social and let themselves go. Cue a move to hedonism, partying and some good times straight after the difficult times and history has shown this happening time and time again following challenging times. 

I live in the UK and spend a lot of time in Ibiza. We are all talking about what we will do when we are allowed to go about our life again and hug and kiss and dance again. We all want to be in a time where we can safely move freely again, see friends, meet up with family and enjoy some social times.  Even the introverts have been feeling flattened during the lockdown.  

Creativity sustains through it all

Many people are diving in deep with new creative projects and looking at ways to restructure their businesses while we are all at home and online, so much is changing so fast and it’s unlikely it will ever go back to the way it was.  We have learnt how much easier it is to do tasks online and we will probably continue with these new ways once the sanctions are lifted.

What the whole world needs right now on so many levels – a good hug, kiss and a dance.  Learn the lessons, make some changes.

When this thing finishes, let the party and celebrations for regular life begin.   I have a feeling the party may be starting here soon 🙂


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