How to get happy part 2

Being a human is not at all easy. In fact, sometimes its incredibly hard. Meet 2020, for instance.

The top 4 things to do as a human to have a contented life

Being a human is not at all easy. In fact, sometimes it’s incredibly hard.  Meet 2020, for instance. Thought we knew what was coming up this year, well we didn’t. No one could have predicted this roller coaster we have all been on globally.

There are some things that are worth doing, if you are a human, to live a calmer more satisfying life. I recently did a blog post on getting happy and staying happy.

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This is a follow up post on the top things you can do to get a contented life.

Clarity: its hard to know what you really want sometimes

  • When I start mentoring people, I ask the question ‘What do you really want?’ Many people don’t know the answer to this in truth and begin thinking hard at this point. Well, unless we know what we want, we can’t possibly hope to manifest it. So, get clear on your goals and desires. Get clear about what’s important in your life. Get clear on where you are aiming.
  • Draw up a list of 20 things you want to create in the next week, the next month, the next year, the next 5 years and the next decade. Get clear.
  • Imagine these things clearly in your mind’s eye. Begin with imagining. This is the start of the manifesting process. Add the feelings that you already have these things and proceed from here. Take steps, little steps, towards your goals and keep imagining them clearly in your mind. The more clarity we have in what we want, the faster we can create it.

Relationships: they test us and trigger us

  • We are 100% responsible for things that show up in our lives. Our relationships are part of this. Everything we experience with our relationships will be there to teach us something. Tuning in to how we relate to others and how others relate to us will really tell us a great deal about how we are – what internal programmes we have running and beliefs.
  • If we want more love, we need to give out more love. This will set up the flow.
  • It is through our relationships, with others and the outside world, that we get to find out who we are, what we want, and what’s important to us. The more we tune in, listen up and have a balance in giving and receiving in our relationships – the more our relationships with everyone improve. It’s up to us to take the first steps to improvement.

Money: the root of a lot of drama

  • To get in the flow with money, we need to start feeling abundant first. So begin with noticing everything you’ve already have got. There are lots of things we have that are precious; it may be friends, health, a home, a job, food to eat, water to drink or simply that we are alive. Whatever you already have, take note of it and push up your feelings of gratitude and appreciation. This is the start of pulling in the magnet for money – and all good things.
  • Stop any resentment towards money, or having a lack of money, or to those who have money. These are the 3 top blockers to letting money flow in. Feel good about it. Have positive emotions around money – it will allow it to flow into your life much more easily.
  • Drop all the negative stories you tell about not having enough money or about only having lack of it. Do not tell the ‘I can’t afford that’ story or ‘I never have enough’ story and so on. Drop these negative conversations. Apply pure, positive statements only when you talk about money. Remember, that all the things that we think, feel, say are being attracted to us fast through the Law of Attraction principle. So keep positive. Only talk a positive game. This one switch will make a dramatic difference to your abundance mentality and ultimately your experience with money and wealth creation.

Body kindness: being healthy is a number one target

  • We only ever have one body. Let’s look after it. Our body is amazing and adapts and flexes with all sorts of things we do with it. We owe it a little better. Keep an eye on the essential part of daily exercise – just gently walking, smiling, skipping or moving around more will help. 
  • Our bodies respond to our belief systems. Any illness comes from specific beliefs and programmes we carry on the cellular level. The good news is that we know now how to change this fast with re-setting mind programmes. The CREATE method does this. Learn how to release blocks simply through a mind practice. This saves all the hassle of queuing in a doctor’s surgery or attending hospitals. You have so much more time and vitality then to enjoy your life doing something way more pleasurable instead.
  • Take a day a week to rest, to re-charge and to do something you really love. We deserve this. If we don’t – what’s the point? It’s up to us how we spend moment by moment, so it’s worth giving a little more consideration to the question: Am I kind enough to my body? If the answer is no, then do something about it. Make a change and a commitment to take up some body work that you like doing. Bell-ringing, knitting or hop-scotch – it doesn’t matter. Just do what you like doing. And do it regularly.

Living life like it matters every day is important. We get to design our lives so let’s be more mindful about what movies and ideas we are running through that giant computer of ours – the brain. This will change your life faster than anything.

To discover how to get happy and learn more about the CREATE process download my book ‘Instructions for Happiness.’

Go for positive living – it works. Drop me a line about what works for you.


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