How to get Happy

I have always been a positive type of person. Since I found out about how the brain works and how emotions are coded, I realised that how we feel moment by moment has a direct impact on the experience that we have.

TOP TIPS for positive living 

How emotions control our reality and experience

This is such a simple concept, and now backed by many scientific studies* and yet many people still don’t know about it or don’t believe it.  

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Or they may believe it when reminded about it, and then forget it and let emotions dip and dive like a roller coaster going from high to low and back again fast.  We all know what this is like.

One of the most profound choices we can make is to begin to manage our emotions as the most important business of the day. 

What we do, what we say, how we act and what we think about all combine to create the reality that we experience. 

*Check out the work of Bruce Lipton and Gregg Braden for the science data on this

7 ways to get happy and stay happy 

  • Happiness is a choice. We can choose to be happy whatever is going on in our lives. How we feel is up to us. We are driving our own emotional machinery inside ourselves every day and it’s up to us – and only us – about how we feel moment by moment.
  • If we lead with our emotions, and decide to keep strong feelings of happiness inside, we find that life not only feels better but it also actually gets better. It’s based around simply law of physics: what we feel and think about, we get more of. Our thoughts have been shown to have a magnetic quality. Science proves this. 
  • Research shows that the things that make us really happy are often the simple things: a smile from someone, a hug, sitting down and taking some time to enjoy the moment every now and then, a leisurely stroll in the sunshine, looking at the sea – and so on. 
  • Do a list of what makes you happy and choose 3 things from the list. Make sure you find a way to do these things as soon as you can. Happiness starts with a few small steps moving little by little in the right direction. 
  • It is usually the things that are free that give us most happy feelings: love, friendship, appreciation, freedom and so on.
  • Making someone else happy with your words or actions is a fast way to feel good yourself and share happiness with others. Write a note, a letter or say something lovely to a stranger.
  • Smile and walk like you are happy. This is a good start to creating the feeling inside yourself. 

Being truly happy is perhaps the most important work we have to do in this lifetime. 

Everything else comes second to this when you think about it.

Be Happy.  My favourite song for getting happy is Happy by Pharrell Williams. Gets me every time.

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