Now is a great time to set some new goals and get creative

New Year is a great time to set new goals. Draw, write, read, create and play. This will boost your feelings and make you feel good.

This time of year is a perfect time for thinking about what goals you want to set for the year ahead. In my latest book, I write about some steps you can take to set some powerful goals and stick with them.

It´s time to get busy and think about setting some intentions and plan goals for the coming year. This new book helps with this and features a chapter on journaling, planning new routines and habits.  The 7 chapters in thebook are about new positive habits. Journaling is an important part of this process to find out what you want and helps you in setting your goals for the year ahead. This book is for everyone. It works whether you’re creative or not, if you would like to explore more creativity, maybe you want to reignite your creative flow or would like to tap more into your creative side at work.

Susie's latest book: The Art of Creativity

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The Art of Creativity is a book for anyone wanting to access more creativity and flow in their daily lives. If you’re lacking inspiration, this life-changing book is designed to equip you with a powerhouse of tools. There are practical exercises to do including guides on how to overcome fears and blocks to creativity, journaling, boosting brainwave states, self-care, how to nourish the soul, and how to be a creative maverick. Susie’s unique and extraordinary approach makes for an accessible, positive read that will result in a more fulfilled, positive and happier life.

Susie comments, “I have found that many people want to start writing their first book during this time. Others are exploring other avenues of creativity such as art, music, video-making or crafting. It´s a great way of escaping from it all and creating something positive in the unexpected time we have been given during this period. People who are in isolation are more prone to depression, fear and anxiety. Creativity really helps to alleviate these negative feelings.  It’s a great time for us all to learn about how to be more freely creative and express ourselves, which is a great way to connect with yourself and begin to start feeling much happier.”

The Art of Creativity was written during a traumatic near-death experience when Susie was being treated for a serious form of brain cancer. At the time she was given six weeks to live. She explains, “I decided I was going to fight my diagnosis and survive. I trusted my instincts – I was the only one who knew I was going to get out of this alive. I started writing The Art of Creativity in hospital, during my cancer treatment and I finished the book while I was in recovery. The book gave me a positive focus throughout this time. I wasn’t focussed on cancer anymore and writing became my focus. This and other tools I talk about helped me to overcome the illness and survive against all of the odds.”

Many famous names have been inspired by Susie’s new book, amongst them, David Lynch, the American filmmaker, who says about the book, “Great food for thought and action.” Singer-songwriter, KT Tunstall comments, “If anyone can give us insight into prolific creativity, it’s Susie Pearl. Her exceptional output through a literal life-and-death roller coaster has had me blinking in delight for years. Inspiration has no edges or ending, and Susie reminds us of that here.” American actress, presenter and producer, Ricki Lake is also a fan and a friend, “…Susie is an inspiration and her story reminds us that we must never lose hope. Her optimism and positivity is magnetic medicine for the world. She has truly been an inspiration to me personally in my life.”


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