Here are my tips for setting goals for the new year ahead. If you do this, life will get better and happier.

This is a powerful time to make new resolutions to make some positive new routines for the new year.  How do you stick to them and make sure they last longer than the Christmas holiday decorations?

Here are my tips for setting goals and 7 tips for happiness and success.

Goal setting tips

1.  Set goals that are achievable and not too difficult to reach. Do these goals fit into your life?  What good thing will you feel when you achieve them?

Write down your motivation for doing this.  Note on paper what will change for the better. It is better to succeed at smaller goals than blow the big goals and risk failing.

2.  Take small steps in the right direction.   A little progress each day will get you to where you want to go. Keep track of your progress and keep a chart of how you are doing.  If you fall off one day, then pick yourself up and start back again. Notice what was the trigger to stop you doing your goal and make a plan to get round it.

3. Have all the tools you need to pull off your goal.  For example, if its losing weight and getting fit, get some fitness gear at home or join a local class or gym.   If you want to stop drinking or smoking for example, make sure you have cleared the house of alcohol and cigs to take away any temptation in your weaker moments.

If people trigger you to start your bad habit, try not to see them or tell them your goal and ask them to help you to keep to it.

4.  Have a buddy. Buddy up with a friend to keep to your goals.  Make yourself accountable to someone and do the same for them.

5. Visualise you being successful at the goal.  Visualising is a powerful technique to help you keep going with something.  See yourself doing it every day and every day take five minutes to imagine yourself with the results after achieving your goals.  Notice how good you will feel when you have done your healthy goal.   Imagine feeling fit, healthy, energised and looking good.

6.  Set a time to do your goal. If you do something at a regular time each day, you are more likely to get into a pattern and natural rhythm to make it happen.  Set an alarm, keep a reminder on your phone or table.

7. Hang out with others who are doing what you want to do (not drinking, keeping fit, eating healthy, outdoor sports) – it will make keep your goals so much easier.

When you set goals you are on your way to more fun, more success and new habits that can bring you enjoy.

Set some today and see your life get better from small steps that change into big step changes.


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