How to live healthier and longer

7 tips to live a longer, healthier and more vitalised life.

We are all living a fast-paced life these days.  One of the many things that the lockdown has taught us is to slow down, take life a little more gently and take care of ourselves.

To answer the question of how to live healthier and longer, here are 7 top tips for living better that I gave to a magazine this week.

1. Self-Care

We´ve got to take care of ourselves and look after our mental health and physical bodies.

Take time out, take rest, east well, keep life and work in balance and don’t get to stressed. It is only if we are well, that we can take care of others around us.  Lead by example to our loved ones, children and families.

2.  Set goals and intentions

When you set goals and make plans, then you can create positive changes in life more easily.  You may for example decide to take up exercise, learn to meditate, take up a new hobby or creative outlet.  Whatever you decide you want to do, you can get clear on taking some small steps towards what you want.

Creativity is healing and transformational. It will help you to live healthier and longer.  I explain why in my new book The Art of Creativity – 7 powerful habits to unlock your full potential. In here are many examples of the healing nature of the creative process.

Have a good routine, know where you want to go and go forward step by step.

3. Think about what you eat

Nutrition and moving the body is essential to living healthier and longer. Think about what you eat and how it makes you feel.   It is important to eat well:  eat fresh, eat local and prepare your food with love.  Get a handful of recipes that you love and make friends with your kitchen. Plan meals ahead and eat the best food you can.

4.  Friends

Having good friends, good relationships with your family and people around you and being a good friend to others helps hugely with building health, happiness and longevity.   The value of community and social interaction has become more important than ever in recent times.   Use friends for support, help friends when they need it. This will help you to feel loved, looked after and supported – these are keys to living a long life.

5.  Breathe

Learn how to breathe well. Many people spend every day feeling stressed and nervous. When you learn how to breathe deeply and expand your lungs, your body will relax, and you will feel calmer. Many people are getting ill these days because of stress and anxiety.  Learning to breathe will help you and your health to get out of feeling anxiety and overwhelm.  To reduce stress is one of the secrets to living a long and contented life.

6.  Go out for a walk in nature every day

Walking in nature is a natural relaxing activity and makes us feel good. As we walk around trees and on the ground, noticing the birds around, we feel more grounded and connected to the earth. This helps the body to release stress and helps you to live longer.

7.  Be kind to others and visualise positive outcomes

What goes on in your emotional and mental world affects your health and experience directly. The more we can think about positive outcomes, think about good things happening and get rid of fear and negative thinking, the more we will stay well, healthy and feeling good. Part of leading a long and happy life is affected dramatically by what we think and feel and talk about.  

Living long means taking care of your body, mind and spirit.


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