Life planning for those who don’t know what they want in life (and that is most of us right now…)

Design your life. Here is a guide to how to work out what you want in this fast changing world of transformation. Heres a blog on why its important to get clear about what you want and how to do this.

How to design a great life

I started writing this blog before the crazy times of Covid. Now this question seems even more relevant than ever. To spend some time thinking about how do we start planning a life when we know everything is up in the air and can change at any moment.

We plan holidays, nights out, work meetings and dentist appointments. However, we rarely think about the plan for the big picture of our own life.  How strange is that? It is particularly difficult to plan anything right now as the world is so upside down it seems.

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You would think that planning and designing life would be the number one thing we would want to priorities. But not at all. In my many years of experience as a coach, often our own life is the last thing that people get around to planning with any degree of gusto. Now in 2020, life designing has taken on a bizzare new twist as if we are living in a surreal movie where no one knows the plot line or understands the meaning of the action.

When I first start working with new clients and ask them ‘What do you want?’, there is usually a pause and their eyes roll upwards while they think about the answer. It’s often the first time they have really thought about this question. Most people are not clear about what they truly want. Even when I ask people the ´what do you want?´ question, most find it difficult to come up with a clear answer.

We rarely give ourselves the time and space to consider what we want in life. Sometimes we think we cannot have what we want or that the options are out of reach or somehow impossible. 

Quiet time spent considering the design and plan of our life is well worth the investment and can be a catalyst to wonderful and radical change especially in these times of great transformation.

When we get clear on what we want, we can start to create it and bring it into our experience. Even though none of us know what the future will look like.

My new book The Art of Creativity gets you to face the question of what you want head on. There is a step by step process to help you identify what you truly want and a guide on how to make some small steps towards achieving your newly identified goals.

There is a section dedicated to finding out what you truly want and helping you get there.

This book is a powerful guide to get you life mapping, life designing and creating the life you want. It’s got new tools and exercises to give you the whole tool kit on how to do this. This book is really a tool kit and guide to manifesting in life using the power of your internal energy technology and using creativity to heal yourself inside.

What are you waiting for? Order your copy and get reading. You will be so happy you did.

The Art of Creativity is available at all good book shops and on Amazon UK, Waterstones UK and other book sites.


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