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A literary consultancy service is offered by Susie Pearl and Simona La Scala to help aspiring writers get published.

We have combined experience working for over a period of 15 years in the industry.

We offer an integrated package of support and advice on all aspects of getting published. This includes recommendations on strategy for profiling for authors and advice on how to build an author platform using social media, PR and marketing tactics.

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Susie Pearl and Simona La Scala Style offer a writing consultancy service to help writers get books written and ready to submit to agents and publishers.

Susie Pearl

Susie has extensive experience teaching people to write. She hosts writing workshops regularly. Also she supports aspiring writers to get their work submitted for commission with mainstream publishers for UK and international markets.  

Susie has worked on book projects with Jasmine Hemsley, Michael Neil and UK’s best selling non fiction author, Paul McKenna amongst other names.

She has coached many successful author names helping them produce published work in the literary space.

Vianna Stibal Theta Healing

Examples of successful book pitching by Susie include Vianna Stibal, founder of Theta Healing, whose books Susie successfully placed with Hay House Publishing with an international deal. 

Farmacy Kitchen Cookbook for plant based eating

Susie conceptualised and wrote all of the Farmacy Kitchen cookbook. She gathered the team to get the book completed in record time with 90 unique plant-based recipes, fully tested, with a food team that she put together.

For this Farmacy book, Susie wrote the manuscript and came up with the design and structure for the content. She wrote about the Alchemical foundations of food as medicine and explored the principles of ancient wisdom. Susie wrote the successful pitch to go to agent and publishers which led to the publishing deal. The book got taken by Aster publisher, part of the Hachette publishing group and one of the largest book groups i the world. This book is published in multiple territories including UK and USA. ‘Farmacy food is what we have all been waiting for’, says Stella McCartney.

The Art of Creativity

Susie has a new book (August 2020), The Art of Creativity, published by Orion Spring, part of Hachette publishing group. It is being sold to other territories in the forthcoming rounds of book deal meetings with foreign publishers. David Lynch described the book as, ‘Great food for thought and action.’

Instructions for Happiness and Success

Susie is author of Instructions for Happiness and Success published by Quadrille, part of the Hardie Grant publishing group. Instructions book was an international success and has been translated into several foreign languages including Spanish, French, Dutch and Mexican.

Hemsley and Hemsley books

Susie worked with Jasmine Hemsley and her sister on developing East by West and The Art of Eating Well, from Ebury publishing. Susie was mentoring the Hemsley’s in their business and their writing from the start of their wellness business, which focuses on bringing healthy food and the system of Ayurveda eating style into the mainstream. Susie came up with the title of the Hemsley’s first cookery book and helped in the process of writing and going for publishing route which got this best selling book out worldwide.

I Can Make You Rich, Paul McKenna

The first mainstream book that Susie was involved with was with best-selling UK author Paul Mckenna. Susie was Managing Director of Paul’s company and he asked her to write some words for the ‘I Can Make You Rich’ book. This process was the launchpad that took Susie into the world of becoming an author and a new career spanning over 15 years of working in the literary field. Paul is one of the most successful non-fiction writers in the UK, selling millions of copies of his books.

Michael Neill, You Can Have What you Want

Another author Susie worked with is Hollywood coach Michael Neill. She supported Michael helping with the idea to write a book in the first place and in the creation of his first book for Hay House. He is now the writer of several best selling books internationally and one of Hay House’s key authors. Susie supported and helped Michael’s journey, introducing him to Hay House, and helped him with the process of getting into print and becoming a published author. He has gone on to become a best-selling international author.

Helping great authors to get out there and published

Susie says, ‘I love supporting other authors to get new writing out to the world and become published authors. It gives me so much joy. I know what the publishers are looking for in the pitch process and love conceptualising new books.’

Simona La Scala-Style

Simona has been working in the publishing industry for five years.

She trained as a literary scout with Eccles Fisher Associates, the UK’s biggest international scouting agency.  

Simona reads and acts as a consultant for several independent publishers, as well as a book-to-film scouting agency. She reads UK manuscripts to be considered for international markets as well as working on French and Italian novels for translation.

Simona has worked on successfully scouting several bestselling titles internationally. Examples of titles that Simona has successfully helped secure foreign deals with while at Eccles Fisher include the Sunday Times bestseller ONE DAY IN DECEMBER by Josie Silver which has currently sold over 1 million copies. The book was picked by Reece Witherspoon for her Hello Sunshine Bookclub and has been published in over 30 languages so far.

Another title is international bestseller KIM JIYOUNG BORN 1982 by Cho Nam Joo. This book also sold over 1 million copies and was long listed for the US National Book Award for translated fiction.

Other international bestsellers include Rossella Postorino’s AT THE WOLF’S TABLE, which was described by the New York Times as ‘Engrossing’ and was included in La Repubblica’s list of the ‘10 Best Italian books of the decade’, and French hit THE BRAID, which became an instant bestseller in 2017. 

Simona originally started her career in fashion in Milan, then followed this working for the Guardian Weekend Magazine as well as other media, before deciding to swap clothes for books.

Together Susie and Simona have a wealth of experience and expertise in the literary niche to help and support other writers.

We would love to work with you if you want to get your writing out to the world.

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