Living on the magical island of Ibiza

I travelled extensively in my job with MTV over the years and ended up flying all over the world and visited many places. I lived in various cities and had a taste of many beautiful countries and cultures and came across many interesting strangers.

When I landed in Ibiza, things changed for me. I fell in love with this enchanting place and fell under the spell that the island creates for so many. From the moment I arrived, I knew that I wanted to spend a lot of time here and make it a base.

After a short time, I packed up my bags in the UK, left everything behind, took my son out of school and we headed to the White Isle in search of a new life and adventure. We found both and it was the single best decision we have ever made. 


The island is often talked about and it is known as an island of mavericks, artists, shamans, hippies and eccentrics. That is true and many of such characters are to be found here.

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The stories about the island are legendary and speak in whispers about the reputation that this island still carries.  

The early Phoenicians told stories that the island of Ibiza is a magical island blessed by the gods. The red soil provides a rich earth to grow food and the island does not have any creatures living here that can harm humans.

Ibiza soil

Legend has it that Nostradamus (2503 – 1566) said that Ibiza would be the last refuge in the earth when the day of the last judgement arrived.  The stories go that Nostradamus, who lived in the 15th century, fell in love with the island and was here in person himself during his lifetime. Nostradamus put Eivissa (Ibiza) in the magical realms by writing that the island is the only possible refuge on earth when the day of final judgement arrives. One author of an article about this prophesy added that ‘thanks to the air currents on the island, this would be the only safe place in the event of a nuclear war.’

How very comforting.

The centre of the prophecy was said to be in the municipality of Labritjåa, part of the San Joan municipality of Ibiza. 

Ibiza has been known as a magical island for centuries. There is a legend that there are still those who hang around their neck, a bag of leather or linen with sand from one of the island’s beaches to help them back if they ever needed to travel or return to their place of origin.  It is said that wearing a piece of the land in a protective amulet on the body will protect them from bad luck.

Es Vedra is a mysterious rock rising out of the sea in the area of Cala D’hort.  The island has nothing venomous living there, so the story goes. A priest who was the founder of the convent at Es Cubells describes having mystical revelations and meetings with unearthly beings surrounded by light while meditating in the area.   

Others have reported sightings of odd shapes in the skies and have seen a huge circle of light of over 50 metres coming up from the sea there. There have been numerous reports of UFOs in the skies nearby.

There is a strong magnetic force in the area and sailors report their GPS systems go haywire when they sail near the rock. Others have been said to go mad living nearby. 

Es Vedra Ibiza

The island notoriously attracts unusual characters to the island. The people who come here are often referred to as the types who have dropped out of other societies, the hippies, the thrill seekers, the migrants and the wanderers. The island does certainly attract its fair share of unusual characters who brighten and colour the backdrop. 

Just one visit to some of the beaches and open-air markets will show you that it’s not just your regular everyday type of person who comes here and finds the island irresistible. 

There is something mystical and attractive about the island that just draws people to it like a magnet. It has a strong energy and romantic relationships are said to bond or bust when couples come to the island.  

If the island wants you here, so the legend goes, it will find a way to keep you and call you in and support you in your journey along the way.  If your energy isn’t aligned with the powerful magnetics of the White Isle, then this powerful female island will find its way to eject you and give you untold trouble until you get the message and leave. This is folklore but all who live here can testify to noticing this effect. We have seen this happen many times.  

For us when we arrived at the island, with one bag each and scarce material resources, and nowhere to live, the island took care of us and all our needs were met by serendipity and beautiful coincidences. I lost my wallet with all my credit cards the first day we arrived when it dropped out of my lap onto the street without me seeing. Some sweet soul dropped by to a local bank and made them call me to come and collect the same day so I could manage ok. This is what Ibiza is all about.  These kinds of people.

This is an extraordinary place to live and I love this island more each day. We are lucky to be here and it’s an incredible place to call home.  

Thank God we all had each other during this lockdown time – the community is strong and caring. We had this gentle powerful island to keep us safe and protect us while the rest of the world was going upside down.

Keep safe you all.


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