My 7 favourite books to get through lockdown.

My 7 must-read books. These titles are my fav and will help you get inspired and feel creative.

Reading has always been a favourite pastime of mine. Now we have more time than ever before to cosy on down with a great book. I wanted to do a quick list of favourites to direct readers to if you are looking for something to inspire you during the lockdown. These can be downloaded on kindle or an e-reader, if you don’t have a copy of these particular titles at home already during lockdown. 

When I write a new book, I always have a core list of books that I like to read and refer to for ideas and inspiration.

While I have been writing my new book on creativity, these have been the books that I have had by my side during the writing process.

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Simple Abundance: A daybook of comfort and Joy

Sara Ban Breathnach, Bantam 

I bought this book many years ago and I keep on returning to it. It’s a wonderful read. Originally written for women, it became NY best seller for 2 years and continues on a classic inspiring thousands of people. It has 366 essays for every day of the year. It’s a book to dip into and savour the simple ideas.  At this time of lock down, we all need to return to the simple, the easy and remember the importance of enjoying simple abundance. This book is packed full of daily treasures to take with you on your day. The entry for today, the day that I am writing this piece, is titled An Elegant Art: Learning that less is more.  ´Perhaps the soul of elegance is simply an abundant state of mind´. In fact, Dian Vreeland said that ´The only real elegance is in the mind; if you´ve got that, the rest really comes from it. ´ A gorgeous book that always uplifts and inspires.

Instructions for happiness and success

Susie Pearl, Quadrille

This is a book that I wrote a few years ago. This is still one of my most favourite books that I have written. It talks about the energy of all things in the universe and gives you practical tips for how to practice the art of reality creation. I re-read this book the other day and had forgotten what a lovely and powerful read it is. I get letters from readers regularly from around the world telling me that this book has changed their life for the better and It’s the book that they have regularly gifted to friends. Sadly, it’s out of print now but I am hoping another publisher will pick it up and put it back onto the publishing pile. It deserves to be read now more than ever. It explains where our attention goes, energy flows and the importance of staying clear in what you want and talking in positive clear terms. It’s a beautiful book and an easy read. It was way ahead of its time 8 years ago and is now right on the cutting edge of current thinking. 

Ask and it is Given: Learning to manifest the law of attraction

Esther Hicks, Hay House

This was the first book that got me to understand the principles of law of attraction. My life has never been the same since I came across this concept. One of the best books on the subject.

Catching the Big Fish: Meditation, Consciousness, and Creativity

David Lynch, Penguin Random House

I find David Lynch a fascinating creative. He is so sharp and so intense and creates such extraordinary film and art. He wrote this book to talk about consciousness and creativity and it’s such an engaging and quirky read. I have spent many years supporting the David Lynch Foundation which helps get TM Meditation out to the world free for those who need it and at-risk groups. David is a kind supporter of my work and I had the joy of having him on my podcast as my first guest for a chat about creativity and consciousness.  

The Artist’s Way: A course in discovering and recovering your creative self

Julia Cameron, Macmillan

This is a book that many creative people talk about and use to unlock their creative stream. When I read this book, I got excited about the possibility of unleashing a power within and I knew I would love to write about this topic myself. A few years later, here I am about to release my own version of what it is to go on a creative journey and inward exploration of the inspiring spirit within. A classic that will get your journaling and being creatively inspired in no time.

Awakened Imagination 

Neville Goddard

This is a book about the power of imagination – a subject that I find irresistible. This is one of the classics about this topic and was written in the fifties and feels old in style and language. He talks about how man can use their own inner power to reach goals, no matter how large the vision.  Goddard talks about man becoming what he imagines. A powerful and inspiring read if you can get past the old fashioned delivery. 

Creative Visualisation

Shakti Gwain, New World Library

This is one of my special books of all time and would make it with me to my desert island. Here are all the secrets we need to know about using our mind power to create experiences. It’s a wonderful read. When I first read this book, I imagined that I had written it myself. I am in the middle of writing another book myself at the moment which will be my next book and it is on this topic of the power of creative visualisation.

Reading is a joy and a luxury. For all the reasons we know about, we find ourselves with more time and space on our hands to put in some reading time to our daily routines.  

I adore rereading books I have loved before and reading them again to find them on a different level and see new things in each book. I also love reading new books that I haven’t read before and I will do a blog post about some of these new titles too, very soon.  

Enjoy this quieter time as best you can. Don’t worry, enjoy your unexpected time and use this precious downtime to learn, get inspired and find new ideas for your mind to get excited about. 

For now, happy reading.


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