I am a survivor of a serious form of brain cancer. While I was in hospital I experienced an NDE (near death experience) when I died and returned to my body.

I left my body, feeling like I floated out of my container that was my body, floated above and during this journey was shown the realms we go to when we head over to the other side.

I saw heaven and was given the choice to come back into my body. I chose to return and came back into my body with a flash of brilliant white light.

The next MRI brain scan showed that the brain tumour had left without any trace of scarring. The doctors at Cambridge University were baffled about how this could have happened so fast and without trace.

I am currently writing my real-life story of a wild journey through brain cancer to health, full remission against all odds, an expanded consciousness and back to a full healthy life. 

The events unfolded fast and changed my life in a profound way. I see the world differently now with all new perspectives.

The Problem

In April 2018, I was told I had four weeks to live. A massive brain tumour was growing in the middle of my brain, and my future looked shaky. I had created as big a storyline as I could imagine.  Something deep inside of me told me it was going to be ok and that I would get out alive.

The head oncologist at Cambridge University Hospital told me,  ´You have a lymphoma and yours is what I would call a diffuse large B-cell lymphoma.  Only about 15-20% are cured with that diagnosis.

I was a single mum with a young son living at home who needed me. I knew I had a full life ahead of me and I intended to survive and live life to the fullest.  With hindsight, I can bless this incredible adventure. I have learnt lessons that I came into this life to learn, and it has made my life-story a rich and inspiring tale. This was a roller coaster journey requiring a great deal of strength, courage, bravery and trust. It was a wake-up call for me to find out what life is truly about, and to experience what happens when we die.


I have learnt major lessons from this journey about how to live, how to identify true priorities and how to remain feeling happy and positive — regardless of what is playing out in everyday life. I found it is possible to juggle the areas of life competing for my attention by simplifying things and saying yes only when I mean yes. I am no longer afraid of death. I have no fear inside me since my NDE.

As in all good stories, adversity opened the gates to learning the deep lessons and gave me the wisdom I came here to learn. We often need to be pushed, poked and challenged to learn the deep lessons that we need to know. It is in the struggle and challenges where the golden nuggets of life’s experience lay buried. I had read about this idea but never fully understood it, until this life-threatening experience happened to me.

In my new book I am telling the story of how I recovered from a giant brain tumour after having an NDE (near death experience). I used alternative and conventional methods of treatment, and ancient healing technologies including prayer, visualisation, reiki, hypnosis and CBD oil.


Since my own NDE I have loved reading books on the subject of NDEs and find out what other people experienced. I will be writing more about recommended books on the subject.


There are many films on the subject of NDE available on line on channels including Netflix and Gaia.com. I will put some of my favourites into the resources section.


There are many resources to go to for more information on NDE´s. Favourite links are being added shortly to give you a resource library to get further information.