Michael Neill: At home with the Hollywood coach

A chat with Hollywood´s leading life coach Michael Neill. We share stories about coaching, NLP and how to make life that little bit better and brighter going into a new year.

Listen to our chat talking about how Michael and I met through our mutual friend the hypnotist Paul Mckenna, the early days of our friendship when Michael was teaching NLP with Dr Richard Bandler and Paul. We talk of stories about life, coaching and empowering others to be the best they can be. Michael is speaking to me from his home in Los Angeles.

Michael was my coach for some time and he is one of the brightest coaches in the field. H has helped many people get their life on track and become extraordinary. He is a Hay House author and Ted X speaker.

We recount some personal stories that we have shared together. Michael has a new book out. Follow Michael for great tips on living your best life.