Gregg Braden: where science meets spirituality

Gregg is a scientist, geologist and a leading researcher on human consciousness. He is a NY Times bestselling writer and discusses why now is a time to look forward to a better future, based on science research and ancient wisdom texts.

I caught up with Gregg Braden backstage at a conference in Madrid. Gregg is a scientist, geologist, author and one of the world’s leading researchers in the area of consciousness.

Gregg is a NY Times best-selling author with books including The wisdom code, The secrets of the lost mode of prayer, The divine matrix, The science of miracles and The spontaneous healing of belief.  He writes about how human emotions affect DNA and the collective power that prayer has on healing our body and the world around us.

This is a conversation about how we as humans are healing factories and new science is showing us that we are not as defined by external forces as we have been led to believe. We have powers to naturally heal our own bodies. The ancients knew this and science is paving the way for a new understanding about what it means to be human. We talk about brain and heart coherence and new findings around intuition, healing ourselves and the planet. Listen to this fact-packed talk with Gregg and Susie.