BBC Radio 2 interview with Steve Wright

Susie and Steve talk about meditation, journaling, mind mapping and why so many people are getting creative in these uncertain times of change..

Listen to my chat with Steve Wright on BBC Radio. I was his guest along with Derren Brown.

We talked about my life, my recovery from a life threatening illness and how I came to write my new book on creativity.

We dive into a discussion about meditation and how I found this a life changing habit. I get asked about journaling and why that can help a busy mind slow down. I talk about how to use mind mapping to plan out any project better and why so many people are turning into creativity during these upside-down times.

We talk about useful ways to reduce out anxiety and de-stress.  The team ask me to talk more about future gazing, the subject of the final chapter in the book.

Have a listen and hear what we end up chatting about. Its a very fun interview. I hope you enjoy it!

You can also listen to the full show for a limited time via the BBC app.