Susie talks on Radio 2 about The Art of Creativity

Susie and Nicki Chapman talk about creativity and new book The Art of Creativity and how to reduce negative self talk.

In this chat to set up a positive New Year chat, Nicki Chapman from Radio 2 leads our conversation about what creativity is all about, why it is important right now and asks me about how I came to write my new book.

Creativity is for everyone

I talk about how creativity is for everyone, you cannot get it wrong. We also discuss the negative mind chatter that many people have running through their minds and talk about how to stop this and ways to get better inner voice running which will change your life. There is a section about this in the book with detailed information on how to do this.

Make creativity a priority for 2021

Have a listen to what we talked about and how to get on to making creativity a new priority for the year ahead.

We talk about 3 legged horses, wonky drawings and how to find your confidence when it comes to creativity.

Nicki Chapman and Susie talk creativity for 2021 on BBC Radio 2.

Listen to the complete interview here by clicking on the audio link below.