Recovering from cancer. Here are some tools I used for a successful recovery.

I recovered from brain cancer. These are some of the things I did to support my recovery journey.


A few short years ago, my neighbour told me she was concerned that I was acting strangely. I noticed that I could not remember where I had parked my car in town and had been losing a few key details on a few areas of life.

I arranged to meet my friend for a coffee at our local village cafe and was late because I couldn’t remember the way there. My friend raised the alarm and insisted I got to hospital for some tests.

I didnt like hospitals or tests but she made me go and told me I had no choice. She is a straight-talking Serbian friend who does not mess around when it comes to important matters. She bundled me into the car to the local hospital and the tests began.

After having an MRI scan I discovered that I had a large brain tumour. I was told that I had six weeks to live if I was lucky.

From here, a major life story unfolded. After a lot of processes and events, I began to recover and the tumour was shown to have shrunk. I recovered fully against the odds.

I had spent years before learning about psychology, the power of the mind to heal our bodies and the power of using our consciousness to create change in the body. I used every tool I had at my finger tips. To cut a long and life-threatening story short, I am here today fully recovered.

I fought and won in 2019 the hardest health journey of my life.   I held the faith that I could get better.

I went through various protocols to bring me back into health and I vowed that once through I was through the other side, I would share what I did hoping that it would help others on the journey.

I love to share how I did it. Every week a get a pile of emails from people asking me to share what I did to heal myself.

I am going to attempt at sharing some of these things here for all to read.

I am going to split up the process into Mind, Body and Sprit. These are all important aspects of the holistic answer. I am going to split this blog into a series of three and cover each aspect one at a time.

First off, lets talk about the mind.

Mind power

From my work in psychology over the years and working with one of the greatest hypnotists on the planet, I know that our mind if the most powerful computer on the planet. When we learn to use it well, we become incredibly powerful and can tap into an infinite potential if we know how what to do.


I knew from my work in NLP and psychology that it is extremely important to keep my thoughts and mind positive – so important.  I would not allow people around me to talk negatively or pose negative possible outcomes about my health, even if these were ‘realistic’.  Including doctors and medics. This was a source of friction to others around me who thought I was not facing up to the facts. I did not want to face the facts as they were presented to me which said that I would die in the next 6 weeks.

Rather than get my affairs in order, I began on a quest of health and using my mind and consciousness as best as I could to instruct my body to heal. I also used conventional methods. My family called a meeting to plead with me to accept chemotherapy which I reluctantly agreed to. This ran alongside the other healing methods I used.

Therapy:  get some therapy and counselling (not talking therapy but a therapy that involves neurological change) to move the programmes and unhelpful belief systems that led to the disease at cellular level.  Just talking about your issues can simply entrench them. Use a therapy that will give you change inside your mind.

I found theta healing a very helpful tool.  I highly recommend Lizzy McCallum who is based in Granada now. She and I were students together learning theta years ago.

My training in NLP also helped me considerably in learning how to think and talk about my health in a way that would help me heal.

Changing the narrative and change the stories you are telling to uplift and reflect how you want things to be has a powerful effect.

Story telling – be aware of your language and what you are saying. Words are spells.

The mind is a strong force to change the chemistry of the cells and molecules in the body. Learn how to direct your thoughts and you will feel so much stronger and you will be doing yourself a massive favour.


I changed my nutrition and cut out evil sugar which is never your friend. I started eating greens, colourful vegetables and fruit, chose organic to reduce the nasties on food, and learnt what worked for me in eating and giving myself optimum nutrition. Hospital food was so poor, processed and with no nutritional plan behind the menus. Eating the food they served me during my hospital stay would have made me more ill.

Having good nutrition is so important for good health, recovery and staying well. We cannot underestimate the power of the diet we eat. ‘Food is medicine’ as the ancient philosophers said.

CBD oil

At the start of my illness, I embarked on a CBD protocol from a contact I have in Ibiza. This was immensely powerful in helping me heal and recover. Check out the new scientific studies of CBD and you will be amazed.

Reiki, reflexology, hypnosis

I had daily reiki and hypnosis given to me by friends. Both were so powerful to help heal my body. I know it was a combination of these approaches that helped me get better and recover in such a remarkable way.

Support from community

I had incredible support from my community. I felt the love, kindness and care from those around me back home and in the area of Ibiza where I was living. It was an incredible feeling to have so many people supporting me and encouraging me on and sending words of love and support. That had a very strong effect on me and my healing success.

Strong belief and faith that I would recover

Best of all, i had an unwathering faith that i would get better. I prayed, talked about it and told everyone that i was getting out of her alive. I wouldnt let the doctors talk me down with the rational approach. I saw a vision and that was me leaving the hospital, getting home and living my life again. That came into manfiestation, surprising so many people around me especially the medical team who were not expecting a good ending.

I am grateful to be here and wish anyone on this journey the best of luck to heal and recover. I am writing a new book about my journey and what I did tin detail. I am looking forward to sharing this.

Be Well x


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