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  • Spending Time in Solitude

    Spending time alone leads us on a journey of real self-discovery.  Setting aside a small amount of time each day can really help our levels of inner wellbeing.  With technology innovating to keep us constantly engaged with an instant connection, we are faced with a fast life and a new generation who have rarely experienced real alone time. This encourages a disconnection to self and this leads to a struggle to find happiness.

    Here’s why it’s important to spend some time alone:

    1. It provides opportunity to clear your mind and give your brain a chance to recharge and reset.
    2. Time for reflection, appreciation, gratitude and observation.
    3. Boosts self-awareness and a deeper understanding of your emotions.
    4. Allows you to reconnect with YOU. To re-establish your purpose and motivation, your reason for being without external influences.
    5. Quiet time allows for pathways that become blocked by life’s distractions to reopen.
    6. It helps you gain fresh perspectives.
    7. When you make space, concentration increases and productivity and creativity flows more freely.
    8. You’ll learn to trust your intuition and find freedom to think for yourself.
    9. There’s an inner peace that comes with spending time on your own

    We all know we need to spend time alone—but most of the time we think we’re too busy, or act this way to avoid feeling lonely. Solitude is a positive and constructive state used for inner reflection, which creates space for growth on a soul level. It´s essential to get grounded and rounded as a human being. We need a lot more alone time to carry the rest of life easily and smoothly.