The Art of Creativity: Habit 1 – Fears and blocks

My new book The Art of Creativity is written to highlight the regular habits what we need to look at to live a more creative and satisfying life.

Here is a list of areas that are important to look at and deal with to have a smoother ride through life.

Fears and blocks and how to overcome them

The book begins with a chapter about what holds many people back – fears and blocks.  Most people I spoke to about creativity referenced some sort of fears they experienced about it. These fears usually come out of times of negative feedback in school, or showing others their work and getting some bad critique that they took to heart.

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In this chapter, we get up close with fears. I give some of the best tips I know on how to get rid of these blocks and get more confident, and carry on. 

How to identify your fears

The Art of Creativity book shows you in practical ways how to identify your fears, dissolve them and find a new way through to open up roads you didn’t know existed.  There are exercises to get close up to your fears, deal with them and dissolve them. I have been working with these exercises in my coaching business for over 20 years and they work. 

The book is very practical and easy to access. You will get fast results in kicking out your fears.  Whether these are old fears you have had for years, or ones that are just recent or solely connected to being creative, there are techniques here that will work for you. 

Why creativity is important right now

I write in this section about what creativity is and why it’s the new and most important global trend in 21st century businesses.  I share my creative journey, working with A-list creators from around the world. From Michael Jackson to Madonna, I was working with these creatives in entertainment and music industries, and write about how these strong characters shaped my view and impression of what it takes to be the top of your game and a genius creator.

Tips for making more time in your life

There are 10 ways to make more time in your life. Tips for getting out of your comfort zone. There are instructions on how to manage the monkey mind and re-write your inner dialogue into a more powerful and supportive voice inside your head.

Read the first chapter of the book to get the expanded version on how to clear fears and blocks in your life. There are tried and test tools to play with and these methods really work!

Let me know what is working for you.


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