You have infinite power within – and the power is in all of us. Unleash the power within.

We all have the universal power within ourselves. Creativity helps to unleash that power. Find out more about how to do this in this blog piece.

My new book tells you how to unleash your inner power. In The Art of Creativity, the practical routes to tapping into the stream of creativity are discussed and outlined in simple step-by-step stages.

The source of Creativity is universal energy. There is a universal force that governs us all. This book helps you tap into that energy, unleash it and get to the full potential that lies within you. We all have it and it is about releasing that power to the outer world. 

When we expand into the natural energy that exists around us, we tap into a universal stream where creativity flow comes from. When we block our creative flow, we block ourselves from a natural stream of abundance. You have the power to unleash the power within yourself.

Susie's new book: The Art of Creativity

7 Powerful Habits to Unlock Your Full Potential is available for order now from this site

Find out more

Understanding this one thing that energy moves through out the universe and is interconnected – this changes our relationship to the world and changes our life.

Opening to creativity opens the heart and makes us more able to be loved and to receive love; relationships in all areas are better able to flourish. 

Changes will speed up when we tap into what’s commonly called ‘the flow’. Creativity is a natural human process and you can find it inside yourself.  Doing this results in a powerful transformation of outlook and experiences.

Check out The Art of Creativity and find the answers you have been looking for to unlock your full potential. The tools and techniques are written in this little yet powerful book.

Available in hardbook, e book, audio and on audible. Look on Amazon UK, Waterstones UK and at good book shops on the high street if they are open.


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