I am talking with the incredible Ervin Laszlo. Ervin received the Hero of Humanity lifetime award by The Visioneers International network, recognising his extraordinary work in the areas of spirituality, science, philosophy and systems theory.

He is the author of over 106 books and many hundred scientific papers. His research led him to discover the Akashic Field in the 1990s. He has received many honours and awards internationally including Peace Prizes across the world.

Nominated for the Nobel peace prices in 2004 and 2005.

Read Ervin’s latest book: The Upshift: Responsible Living On Planet Earth – A handbook for urgent action. The Upshift is to help you meet the challenge of our times. It is a handbook for urgent action—for wiser living by you and by me, and by all conscious and ethical people in the womb of a delicately balanced web of life on our precious planet.

Check out the on hour documentary special for PBD – The insight and inspiration of a modern day genius.

For information on Ervin’s work head to: thelaszloinstitute.com