Susie talks to iconic film director, David Lynch recording for her podcast series Conversations with Susie Pearl.

We talk about the power of TM meditation, David’s daily routine, how he approaches ideas and creativity for his films, and what living the Art Life means to him.

David talks about why coffee and cigarettes are important for him to get started, how to catch your big ideas and how to know which ideas to act on. He discusses having a set up as an artist to work and what this means. He tells a personal story about John Lennon and Maharishi in India and about how to keep your best ideas. He has been a meditator for 46 years and has meditated every day twice a day and not missed one session.

He talks about diving within for ideas and what his daily routine is like, about where ideas come from and how to grab them, writer’s luck, his process as a painter and his story of Ibiza and making music with some DJs from this island.

An engaging and exciting look at one of the world’s most creative and well-known film maker and artist.