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I’m a writer and speaker on finding your highest potential,  keeping your mental health strong and living with conscious awareness.  After recovering fully from an aggressive brain tumour, I found out a lot about healing and what life is really about.  I am grateful for each day and live life making every day count.

My work is about diving deep into the inner well of creativity that we all have inside and finding happiness and good living to support this process.

I support others to shift from fear to love and making life more fun and enjoyable. It’s hard to be a human these days and there are ways to help on the day to day process and life designing.

I am glad you made it here. I have an extraordinary story to tell.

Hello, my name is Susie Pearl.  I am an author writing and talking about new approaches to conscious living, wellness, keeping mental health strong and unleashing creativity.  My story is that I had a serious form of brain cancer and was told I had less than two months to live.  The good news is that I survived and have fully recovered. During my recovery I wrote my latest book The Art of Creativity.

Making every day count

I have experienced how to make each day count and find joy in living life simply supported by a strong community of family and friends. My writing is about unleashing the power we have inside to create and heal.  I share tools for finding peace and balance in uncertain times through becoming the most creative and authentic version of ourselves.

A conscious revolution

We are in the midst of a conscious revolution where everything is changing and moving fast around the globe. A time of change, a time of reassessment, a time for changing old routines and patterns around the way we live.

I like to write about the power of creativity and talk about how it is such a powerful force in the world.  Health and wellness are the areas that have come into laser sharp focus lately while the world got locked down.

You are a ball of energy shooting through the universe

As human beings, we are balls of energy shooting through the world. As we bring wisdom and awareness to how energy works, we can make a better job of living well and making our experience more joyful.

I share here the things I have learnt in 20 years of studying mind technology and conscious living. I mix ancient wisdom and modern science in a quest to find strategies for better living.

Ibiza inspiration

I take inspiration and joy from my writer’s art life in London and Ibiza. I am British and have lived in the UK all my life.

The combination of places I travel to gives me such alternative experiences and views from which to understand life, my friendships and my extraordinary community.

I am grateful every day to be here.

This is a place to expand, be inspired, get happier and more aware of the life that we are living with tips to enjoy the journey just a little more through expansion and collaboration with other minds.

Susie’s latest book:
The Art of Creativity

THE ART OF CREATIVITY is a practical guide to unlock your creative potential and find fulfilment and happiness in the process.

After 20 years working with some of the most creative people in the world, Susie Pearl has unearthed the habits of highly creative people and takes you on a journey to unlock your own inner stream of creativity.

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