• Slow it down, chill out, take a breath

  • Something is taking care of us. Trust that.

  • Life is meant to be beautiful and easy

    Going back to simple is the way

About Susie Pearl

It’s great to have you here on my site. It´s a crazy world out there right now and this is a calm, safe space to be where you will find things to nourish and inspire you.

I am not even meant to be here.  A year ago, I was diagnosed with brain can**r and told by doctors that I was expected to live only 6 weeks. Here I am, a year or so later, writing books and feeling good as a completely different person. I have the same face and same name as before. Everything else about me has changed – inside and out. I am not the same person anymore after this experience.

It’s been a monumental ride getting through it. I have leaned heavily on my family, friends, local community and loved ones.  I have experienced amazing support and community from those around me. My life has changed completely since my near-death trauma.

Many people are asking me what I did to recover from such a thing and it’s a long answer. I write about it in one of my blogs and will also write a book all about it. I want to share what I did in detail, to help others who may be going through the same, or have family members who are facing a similar situation.

I have had to learn how to slow down, relax and find out how to ask for help from other.  I learnt the importance of being impeccable about the quality of my thoughts, words and actions. I learnt that everything we consume through our senses has a powerful effect on our biology, psychology, mental health, feelings and deeply affects the outcome of the reality we experience.

This site is about living life to the full, how to stay bright and curious and how to keep well and vibrant. I have a new book coming out this year: The Art of Creativity – 7 powerful habits to unleash your full potential.  It was written while I was in recovery following my treatment. I found I was in a highly creative phase, and all my normal filters for life got dissolved away and were replaced with new ones.  I got inspired to write and couldn’t stop getting the words out.  I was inspired by a great book, The Artists Way. I wanted to write an update on the subject of creativity and put my own spin on how you get into that great healing space of being in the flow.  I’ve spoken to Paul McCartney, Russell Brand and David Lynch in my quest for finding out what makes creative people tick and included the best conversations in the book.

I am starting a new life now, after a time when everyone thought I was not going to make it. But I knew I would.  As my beautiful teenage son said, ´We won this year, Mum’.  Yes we did.

Have fun in whatever you are doing and hope you enjoy the site. Check out my podcast series, featuring people including David Lynch, KT Tunstall, Jasmine Hemsley, Ricki Lake and others coming through. I love talking to inspiring people and have had a lot of joy putting these podcasts together. Find them on all the usual platforms for free and the podcast series website:  conversationswithsusiepearl.com

Have fun and stay inspired.

With love




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