Instructions for Happiness

‘Instructions..’ is a step-by-step manual for the mind. It gives a road map for working out how to run your mind for greater happiness and calm. Easy to read, colourful and practical.

Instructions for Happiness and Success is one of the my favourite books. I believe this will stand the test of time and is more relevant today than the time when it was written. It is based on fundamental truths about how the human mind works. It´s a manifesting bible for those wanting the real instructions on how to manifest good things in life…

Instructions..’ is a step-by-step manual for running your mind with the best operating software.  It gives a road map for working out how to run your mind to experience greater happiness, peace and calm. It is an easy to read book, beautifully produced and is colourful and practical.

The chapters lead you by the hand through a process for manifesting and positive reality creation using your innate powers of thoughts, feelings and intentions.

It is a blend of ideas from ancient wisdom and modern science.  Quantum field science shows us that thoughts and emotions have a strong power and directly affect the outcome of reality. The book talks in a simple style about the impact of this and how we can harness the power of our emotions.

Get a copy of the book here and check out the downloadable audios below that accompany the book. These audios download the ideas deep into the neurology, supporting you through the journey.

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Purchase the audios that accompany the book in different languages. Each language includes 7 mp3 files. You can also download each language as a single zip file.

Customer Reviews

This is an excellent book. Really helps you to think in a positive way. I listen to the recommended download every night and find it very helpful.


One of the best books I’ve ever used. I’ve bought about 7 copies now as gifts. The exercises are not psycho mumbo jumbo, they seem perfectly logical and scientific to me and all the people I’ve bought the book for. Amazing things happen every time I dip into my own copy.

Jo Jo

This book is life changing. Susie is utterly convincing. I felt like I could do, and achieve anything, before I even finished the book. When ever I flounder, I always refer back to this book. It keeps me lifted.


Love this little gem of a book. Practical techniques for changing your life!

Jane Henshaw

This book is a wonderful, shining light that has brought so much positivity and change into my life. Since reading the book, I have bought over 6 copies to give to my friends.

Ms Almond

I bought this as a gift for each of my mid life crisis friends and my partner. It’s a motivational and inspiring read, easy to flick through and cherry pick ideas from.

Ms M. Broom

With step by step, matter of fact explanations, descriptions and instructions this book is simply brilliant. If you are just beginning the path of personal growth, make this book a priority. If you are well along the road of your personal growth and you want the cherry on the cake – buy this book.

Wilma Allan

I am so glad I purchased this book. It really is enabling me to focus and see things in a completely new light. I totally recommend it.


Simply amazing! It’s a cleverly laid out, genuine and clear book of tools, tips and guidelines to focusing in on what you really want out of life, and then helps you utilise the right attitude, approach and belief system to get it. I really appreciated Susie’s writing style; she offers you the opportunity to make amazing things happen for yourself and approaches it in such a way that there’s absolutely no reason not to give it a go. From my personal experience thus far, everything works – and brilliantly. This book has become my bible and I use the tools from it everyday in some way – a genius creation.

Esher Woodland

This book Instructions for happiness and success was bought for my wife having been recommended by others.It did not disappoint and she has found it extremely helpful, particularly at times of stress.It has also helped our daughter tremendously and we have recommended it to others.

JM Hyde

I bought this book from a store a long time ago and it has been the best thing I have ever purchased/read on the law of attraction. It explains the concept so clearly with brilliant exercises to help you with your life goals and desires. I have since decided to buy myself another copy and also a friend who is an avid ‘The Secret’ fan so have found amazon selling used (in good condition) copies. I’m really chuffed to have found it even if it is not new. You will not be disappointed.


The book is incredibly accessible and practically bursting with good energy that seems to jump off the pages and get downloaded as you read. It’s like doing a spring clean of the mind, a detox, waking you up to a brighter, better frame of mind which in turn creates a day, a month, hopefully a life that is what we would wish. It’s one thing to read and just hope the magic will work but the author gives techniques to apply as well as audio links. Personally, since reading this book, I’ve been far more conscious of my thoughts and there’s definitely been a very positive shift in my life. I’ve let go of some past issues, met a wonderful man and nearly finished a work project – I feel great about it all. I’ve never written a review before but I would like to recommend this book highly. I’ve also bought it for many of my friends and family members. Go ahead and buy a copy.

Emma G