Welcome to my site which is written for those of you seeking new answers for greater peace and calm in your life. There is a crazy whirlwind going on out there in the world, and we have to find some time and space to take a breather and find some sense and reason in it all.

I have learnt a lot in recent times after nearly losing my life a year ago to cancer. I made it through a tough ride and I am a much wiser person from that journey.  It has been incredibly hard getting back into life after this life threatening illness, and I have been through strong phases of feeling grey and not knowing what I was meant to be doing in this life. The experience has given me a completely new take and perspective on this topsy turvy world and life.

As we are entering a brand new decade, and the world is moving faster than ever before. Already in 2020 we have seen huge events. There is a lot of change happening in the world and we are seeing big shifts going on globally on every level – environmentally, politically, socially and economically. With devastating weather fronts, a virus that is rapidly closing down freedom of movement across the globe, stock market crashes and a general feeling of intense upheaval. There have been so many big news stories hitting the news media feeds that have been creating a lot of fear and hysteria in a large percentage of the world population all at the same time. We must all stay calm, be sensible and keep living our lives with good intentions and doing what we can to help while these winds of change blow. My own personal take on it all is that we will end up with a better world when all of these things have calmed down. We will learn to be more grateful, kind to each other and learn that we are all one in the world and not enemies of each other.

Many people I know are trying to make a life that is less stressful and want to get clear on what they want. Many of us are wanting a new kind of life that is more conscious and with greater awareness of the world around us.

My recovery from brain cancer was a startling journey and was a wake up call to make some changes in my own life.  I have always been someone who works really hard, rests little and was all about achieving and creating big goals. I´ve spent years coaching others on how to live their lives, now it is time to look at my own life and work out how best to organise it.  I am putting in far more down time, rest, healthy nutrition and good sleep into my priorities these days. I have learnt the value of building strong communities with friends and to help and receive help whenever needed.

I have had to slow down, learn to relax and lean in for help from other people.  These are things that most of us could do with learning how to do more.  I learnt the importance of being careful what we think about, say and action.  All of these things have a powerful effect on our biology, psychology and mental health.

This site is about writing on wellness, how to navigate life in a stressful world, how to stay calm, keep things in perspective, remain positive and find the upside in these crazy times.

I’ve got a new book out in 2020 on creativity. Its called The Art of Creativity – 7 powerful habits to unleash your full potential. I hope you will love it. I got inspired by a great book called The Artists Way. I wanted to update the subject of creativity and put my own spin on how you get into that great space of being in the flow.  Keep a look out for it.  I have spoken to Paul McCartney, Russell Brand and David Lynch in my quest for finding out what makes creative people tick.

I am starting a new life now, after months in hospital and a very gloomy prognosis which said I was not going to stay alive very long. Everyone around me was doubtful that I was going to make it through to the other side. But I knew I would. As my wonderful teenage son Will said to me when I came out of hospital, ´We won 2019, Mum´ . We sure did. He did not doubt it for one moment either.

I got through the brain cancer and came out the other side and I am here to tell the tale and talk about what I learnt in that process about healing and using the inner power inside ourselves to get better – no matter what we are suffering with. What I learnt was truly profound.  One day, I actually died and left my body and was given the choice to come back, and I did. Things will never appear the same again after that mind-boggling episode.

Have fun in whatever you are doing and hope you enjoy the site. Check out my podcast series too, featuring guests including David Lynch, Jasmine Hemsley, Ricki Lake, KT Tunstall, Gregg Braden and others coming through talking about the subjects that matter to us today. Find the podcasts on all the usual platforms and on my podcast site at conversationswithsusiepearl.com

Have fun and stay inspired.

With love