I have been writing for years and lived in different places around the world.

Currently, I am between Uk and Ibiza, an island which feels like my spiritual home. I live close to a forest, surrounded by nature and wonderful people.

I have recovered from cancer and feel grateful for every day that comes to me like a blank page waiting for a new story to get written.
My passions are helping others to write, great food, spending quality time with my friends, dancing, swimming in the sea and spending time in nature.

Glad you can join me here.

It’s great to have you here right now. It´s a crazy world out there full of bumps, challenges and unexpected twists and turns lately.

A calm space to inspire you

This is a calm space where you will find things to nourish, excite and inspire you in while we are in the eye of a global storm.

I’m a survivor

I am not even meant to be here.  In 2018, I was diagnosed with a very serious form of brain can**r.  Doctors told me that I could expect to survive only 6 weeks.  

And yet, here I am, back home, writing books and feeling good as a completely different person. I have the same face and same name as before. Everything else about me has changed – both inside and out. 

Upgraded operating software

It’s been a monumental ride to get through it. I have leaned heavily on my family, friends, local community and loved ones.  I have experienced amazing support and community from those around me. My life has changed completely since my near-death trauma. I have had a full upgrade in my operating software inside my head and I see the world differently how, with more depth and wisdom.

Protocols of getting over cancer

Many people are asking me what I did to recover from such a thing and it’s a long answer. I talk about what I did in one of the blogs and video on this site.   I want to share what I did as a recovery protocol and help others who may be going through the same, or have family members who want to heal.

What I learned in my facing death experience

I have had to learn how to slow down, relax and find out how to ask for help.  I learnt the importance of being impeccable with my thoughts, words and actions and to eat wisely.  I learnt that everything we consume through our senses has a powerful effect on our biology, psychology, mental health, feelings and deeply affects the outcome of the reality we experience.

This site is about living life to the full, how to stay bright and curious and how to keep well, excited and vibrant. 

Latest book on how to get into the flow and get creative

My latest book came out in the Summer of 2020 right in the middle of quarantine and lock down: 

The Art of Creativity – 7 powerful habits to unleash your full potential It was written after my cancer recovery. I found this was a highly creative phase. I got inspired to write and couldn’t stop writing and getting the words out onto the pages.  

It turns out that there has never been a better time to have a book out about creativity when everyone was locked down and could not go out.

Susie Pearl | The Art of Creativity
Susie in her garden with her books and some sun rays

The Artists Way was my inspiration for writing this book

I was inspired by a wonderful classic on creativity, The Artists Way. I wanted to write an update on the subject of creativity and put my own spin on how you get into that great healing space of being in the flow. I spoke to Paul McCartney, Russell Brand and David Lynch and others in my quest for finding out what makes creative people tick and I have included the best ideas from those conversations in the book.

Faith and trust in my recovery

I am starting a new life now, after a time when everyone thought I was not going to make it. But I knew I would survive.  As my teenage son said, ´We won the year, Mum’. Yes, we did.

Have fun in whatever you are doing and hope you enjoy the site. Check out my podcast series, featuring people including David Lynch, KT Tunstall, Jasmine Hemsley, Ricki Lake, Bob Roth and others coming through. 

Listen to some inspiring podcasts

I love talking to inspiring people and have had a lot of joy putting these podcasts together. Listen to them for free on all the usual platforms or download them from this site.

Have fun and stay inspired.