I have been writing some new books that are landing soon in bookstores shelves.   The most recent book that is out now and published is called ´Farmacy Kitchen´ – a cookbook on conscious eating and plant based food.´

I am so proud of this beautiful book. There are 80 delicious recipes put together with love by my friends and the genius food team, Pietro Cuevas and Emily Pearson and with Camilla Fayed owner of the Farmacy restaurant in West London.

We wrote the book in one month in Ibiza and had so much fun in the process.  Such a brilliant team having so many laughs while being in flow putting it all together as a creative collaboration.  The stunning photography is by Nick Hopper of Hemsley and Hemsley.  Check out this beautiful book in good bookstores. 

I am writing a new book co-authored with Jasmine Hemsley. This one is on the topic of living a true and authentic life.  You know, the life we are really meant to live.  We are writing this book together and putting in everything we wished we had known about years ago about living the life we were meant to life. .

I have just finished writing a new book about Creativity.  I am writing about how to get into the creative zone with lots of great tips and practical exercises.  I am very excited about this book and if you want to unleash your highest creative potential, this one is for you.  New techniques and exercises to whip you into a creative space.  Its called The Art of Creavity – the daily habits of highly creative people, published by Orion publishing early 2020.  It features exclusive interviews one to one with Paul McCartney, David Lynch and Russell Brand.

I will announce more details about the new books soon.

We are living in an exciting time of raising awareness around more conscious living and reducing stress with a simpler and kinder living style.  The new luxury is health,  leisure time and wellness.

The Art of Creativity – Daily habits to help unleash your most creative self

Discover the daily habits of highly creative people. What do most highly creative people have in common? What are the habits they cultivate? What is ‘the flow’ and how do you get into it? THE ART OF CREATIVITY is a practical guide to unlock your creative potential and find fulfilment and happiness in the process. After 20 years working with some of the most creative people in the world, Susie Pearl has unearthed the habits of highly creative people and takes you on a journey to unlock your own inner stream of creativity.

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Farmacy Kitchen Cookbook

Farmacy Kitchen is a book on conscious living and plant based food. There are over 80 recipes in the book featuring easy and delicious food to make you feel good while being kind to the planet and animal. The book is beautiful and covers subjects from ancient wisdom, life balance, living without harming animals, gut health, food alchemy, good digestion practices, fasting, using all the senses for eating and conscious eating. It was a joy to do this book and I am so proud of how stunning its turned out. Written for Camilla Fayed’s Farmacy London restaurant, its a new style of eating that will rock your kitchen and make entertaining a breeze.

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Instructions for Happiness and Success

‘Instructions..’ is a step-by-step manual for the mind. It gives a road map for working out how to run your mind for greater happiness and calm. Easy to read, colourful and practical. The chapters lead you through a process for manifesting and positive reality creation using the power of thoughts, feelings and intentions. It is a blend of ideas from ancient wisdom and modern science.  Quantum theory shows us that thoughts and emotions have power and affect the outcome of reality. The book talks in easy language about the impact of this and how we can harness the power of our emotions.

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