I have been a writer and mentor for years working with individuals and companies. I have travelled around the world and lived in different places experiencing many different styles of life and varied cultures.

I live between the UK and Ibiza enjoying the best of these different worlds of work and lifestyle.

I am a cancer survivor after being given 6 weeks to live. I feel grateful for every day that comes to me like a blank page waiting for a new story.

Susie is a best-selling author and has written a number of books including The Art of Creativity, with a front cover quote from David Lynch, Farmacy Kitchen cookbook, a plant-based food book for London restaurant Farmacy endorsed by McCartney family members, and Instructions for Happiness and Success, a book on manifesting and a hand book for managing your mind to be successful and peaceful. She has worked with Paul Mckenna, working on books and seminars with him, collaborated with Jasmine Hemsley on writing books, supported writing books with Michael Neill Hollywood coach and helped Vianna Stibal of Theta Healing get an international book deal with Hay House.

Susie works as a coach to individuals and companies. She has worked in television producing shows for kids at The Children’s Channel, she was CEO and co-founder of a celebrity PR agency in London and has looked after music artists and talent from Madonna, Michael Jackson and David Bowie to the Prodigy. She sold her agency to TV production company Done and Dusted and the agency she co-founded is still going strong after 25 years.

Her personal client list included MTV, Sony, Adidas, Reebok, Headspace, Allied Domecq, Channel 4 and many other famous global brands. She was a celebrity PR for many years working around the world in London, NY and LA and running large music shows with MTV. She was head of publicity and press for programming at MTV Europe and worked with most of the big names in music and entertainment over the years.

Susie has psychology degrees, a BA, MA and MSc and has been a coach for over 15 years working with individuals and companies at board level. She has worked and mentored CEOs and board members for global brands including Microsoft, Apple, MTV and Sony.

She was Managing Director of Paul Mckenna’s personal development training company, working directly with Paul and the co-creator of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Dr Richard Bandler. She managed a company teaching thousands of people personal development techniques and strategies. Susie is author of a number of books, including Instructions for Happiness and Success, Farmacy Kitchen and The Art of Creativity. Susie has been a meditator for the past 20 years.

She is a mum to her extraordinary son Will. He is in his twenties and is leading a start up with a blockchain business in the travel industry.

Susie is a cancer survivor. She recovered from a large brain tumour, after being given 6 weeks to live, using a mixture of traditional medicine, her own tools including nutrition, CBD oil, reiki, Theta Healing, meditation, hypnosis and positive visualisation. Her recovery was described as a miracle by doctors and medical teams looking after her. Susie loves sharing her amazing and miraculous cancer recovery story. After a near death experience in hospital, she returned to her body and her tumour had gone. She is writing a book about the story now.

Susie works as a writer, podcaster, writing coach, mentor, business mentor and speaker on inspirational change and living a positive life. She lives between the UK and Spain. Travelling the world, spent time in US, NZ and Asia. Early life was in Cambridge during her childhood years.