Sharing powerful lessons learnt from a miracle journey through brain cancer and onto full recovery surprising everyone.

Susie Pearl speaking at TEDx Spring 2023

I share my story of what I learnt when I was told I had just Three Weeks left of life in my TEDx Dalt Vila talk.

Here are some reactions from people in the theatre watching the performance live:

¨Something massively changed for me at Ibiza’s first ever TEDx Conference last week.

It was my perspective on what founders, CEO’s and leaders should prioritise.

Here’s what the day involved: 18 speakers, 9 different native languages

Ideas on themes: living and dying, future tech, climate, sex, health, relationships and healing

One of these talks stood out the most to me.  It was this one:

“If you had 3 weeks to live, what would you do differently?” by susie pearl

Susie really DID have 3 weeks to live.

In 2018 she was diagnosed with brain cancer.

So, what did she do?

She snuck out of her hospital room to get a manicure…

But she also did something remarkable.

She created a vision of her and her friends on the beach in Ibiza.

People told her she was crazy.

That it wasn’t possible.

But she told them she wouldn’t listen to their negativity: that negativity was banned.

Needless to say, her vision came true and she is here in Ibiza years later to tell the story.¨

Linked In Georgia St John-Smith

Susie Pearl’s talk on “If you had 3 weeks to live, what would you do differently?” is a powerful reminder that we should not take our time for granted and that we should pursue our dreams and goals, no matter how impossible they may seem. 

Gerlynnia  Galgo, LInked In

Susie is very inspiring. Thanks for sharing this brilliant story.

Brynne Krispin, Linked In

Susie’s story is a strong example of how powerful imagination is.

Shahd Adas, Linked In

The event was filmed in Ibiza town theatre to a sold out crowd.

The talk got a standing ovation and some incredible feedback. During my near death experience, I travelled to heaven and back and came back with some deep truths about life.


Ibiza is a multi-cultural island hosting mystics, visionaries, thought leaders and people on the leading edge of today´s ideas. It is a place of refuge for the outcast, the non-conformist, the black sheep.

It is the starting place for new ideas and new movements to the rest of the world. The community of Ibiza holds inspiring, cultural diverse stories. Talks cover technology, climate, design, education, mental health and personal growth stories.

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