Ricki Lake talkshow host: dealing with grief, her film Weed The People, CBD oil and recovery.

Susie and Ricki have been through a lot together. Susie chats with Ricki about the tragic death of her husband, recorded while she was visiting London while filming for a TV show. They catch up on what is going on in her life these days and how she found a new love in her life.

Ricki is in the UK to take part in the new Celebrity X Factor show with Simon Cowell.

Susie and Ricki have been friends for years. They talk about the difficulty of handling grief following the traumatic and sudden loss of Ricki’s husband Christian and  how Ricki dealt with the tragic loss of the man she loved so much and how she managed to get through it all.

They discuss the power of CBD oil and talk about Ricki’s documentary Weed The People. This documentary looks into the power of cannabis to help in curing cancer and other ailments. Susie talks about how she has successfully used CDB in her own cancer journey and about facing the stigmas that still exists around using CBD in hospitals, even though the research shows it helps people with so many medical issues.

They talk about what Simon Cowell is really like.  Ricki gets to talk about the backstage goings on in the X factor camp.  It’s a raw and real conversation between two friends who have both been through some big peaks and troughs in the last few years and who are now celebrating life.

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