Kisses trending – National Kissing Day

Everyone loves a kiss, don’t they? When someone leans over and plants a big kiss on us, don’t we just smile inside?

We’ve had American Independence Day celebrations, a giant melt down in the reputation of the banking system and, as if that wasn’t enough, it’s National Kissing Day.

Everyone loves a kiss, don’t they?  When someone leans over and plants a big kiss on us, don’t we just smile inside?   We somehow feel a glow – unless of course we don’t really like that person, in which case it’s another story.

What’s with all the kissing?

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Kissing is big news. It’s good for us. It extends our health, makes us happier, promotes all sorts of amazing chemicals to go flooding through our body and makes us smile.  All round, it’s a very fine thing that perhaps we should be doing more of day by day.  If we read the research on the positive benefits of kissing, we would be at it all day long.

Top 10 facts on Kissing:

  1. Kissing helps people relax and significantly reduces the effects of stress
  2. On average, people spend 20,000 hours (2 weeks) of life kissing
  3. Kissing uses 29 facial muscles – it’s a very effective exercise to reduce wrinkles
  4. 66% close their eyes while kissing. The rest take pleasure in watching the emotions in the face of the partner
  5. A quick kiss burns 3 calories, an energetic kiss more than 10 calories
  6. Lips are 200 times more sensitive than fingers
  7. People who kiss their partners goodbye before going to work live longer than those who shut the door
  8. Eskimos do it this way: they rub noses together. Their lips open up once their noses meet. Then they take a deep breath and send air out while holding lips closed.  After this, they notice the smell and scent of one other, followed up by pressing noses against each others cheeks for a freezing minute or two
  9. Kissing in public is a no-go in Japan, Taiwan, China and Korea
  10. When kissing, the body produces a substance that is x200 times more powerful than morphine, releasing a powerful narcotic effect on the body

The bottom line

Kissing can create powerful experiences in feelings of euphoria and bliss – woohoo!    So forget about the rush and the getting some place today. Instead, take a deep breath, smell your friend’s scent and rub noses if your an Eskimo or – if your not an Eskimo – just reach over and give that person you love a great big gorgeous narcotic-inducing kiss.


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