The power of frequency and vibration in our life

Energy is everywhere. Everything is made up of energy including thoughts and emotions. This post gives a clear idea of the frequency you emit when you run different emotions through your body. My life changed when I found out about this.

How thoughts and emotions affect our frequency

What is frequency and how does it affect our life and what we attract?

People who are used to reading my work know that I talk a lot about frequency.  Frequency refers to levels of energy that we transmit and comes from the thoughts we have and emotions we create through consciousness. The world of law of attraction points out that in terms of frequencies we give out, that like attracts like. 

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The frequency we give out attracts other things to us on the same frequency.   This illustration shows how emotions map to different levels of frequency.

This diagram refers to a Scale of Consciousness.  This was concept diagram was designed by consciousness researcher Dr David Hawkins to predict the kind of outcomes and people you’ll attract throughout the course of your life.

Everyone has their own personal vibrational setpoint.  The idea is that If you’re vibrating high, you’ll attract good things: love, abundance, unity, and success.

But if you’re vibrating low, you’ll attract the not-so-good things: anger, separation, lack, and self-doubt.

So many of us are focusing so hard on our minds and bodies – without paying any attention to our vibrations.

When working with frequency it is important to notice the frequency we are giving out throughout thoughts, emotions, and actions.  This diagram is a useful reminder to me about how emotions play such an important part in setting our frequency point. 

Books from Abraham Hicks, Ask and It is Given, and other books in the series give more detail about this. Really useful to read and helps the reader become more aware of the important of frequency and vibration in everyday life.

When I read this book, I realised it is one of the most important books that I have ever read, and it changed my thinking about the power of thoughts and emotions.

What are you thinking and feeling today?  Being more aware of your own mind activity helps you take charge of what you are attracting into life.

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